Screenwriter & Director

Exploring Realities.

Maja Costa is passionate about stories that challenge the dominant narrative and boldly focus on issues of diversity and inclusion. Her interest turns to an accurate exploration of human identity and behavior, creating daring original content and experimenting with new ways of storytelling. In real life as well as in fictional stories, she tries to find comic relief also in the most tragic array of events.

After studying Cello at the Milan Conservatory and getting a master’s degree in Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Egyptology, she graduated at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin (dffb) and attended the International Showrunner Incubator Serial Eyes as a scholarship holder from SKY Italia.
In 2017 she received a start-up grant from Mediengründerzentrum NRW and founded Aetnafilm, a forge of stories and characters for the small and big screen.

Currently, she is developing original series for different production companies and broadcasters and co-adapting the novel “E.E.” by Nobel Prize laureate Olga Tokarczuk into a mini series. In 2022 her award-winning short film MÅNGATA was granted production aid by the European Space Agency. It premiered 2023 at the Krakow Film Festival and has since been selected at more than 50 international film festivals worldwide.

Maja lives between Berlin, Florence and São Paulo.
She works in English, German, Italian and Portuguese (Brazil).


Thinking In Pictures.


Forging Unique Characters.

From the thrill of dystopian worlds to the mystery of bygone times, from next-door family-drama to provocative religious-comedy, my writing relies on powerful imagination and skillful craft. Bringing unexplored places to life, empowering unconventional characters, recounting the passage of time in short, full-length and serialized narratives.
Each content requires its proper format.

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